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Rowdy Stickhorse Wild Acres has the Beef!

Our Certified Naturally Grown herd of Ireland Dexter and Spanish Longhorn Cattle are a one of a kind. Dexter's are known for their tasty naturally marbled meat, and sweet milk. Longhorns are known for their meat being lower in fat, cholesterol and calories, with their ability to forage and survive on any land type.
Our Beef is raised by the same farming and handling standards as the rest of our animals. Our grass fed animals will be higher in vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids and CLAs, lower in fat, cholesterol and calories. CLAs and Omega 3's have anti-cancer, anti-diabetis properties, they also help fight depression and high blood pressure. With all of this you will receive full flavor, tasty, tender meat you will wonder how you lived all this time without. Only the best for our family and yours.

The Dexter breed in on the endangered list, but Callie, Allie, and Mackenzie along with Oosti Waka (Cherokee for little bull)are doing their job to bring back this delightful small breed.
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Dorthy, one of our Spanish Longhorn cows. I love her coloring.
Beef - Meat
Price: call for pricing
Beef - Meat
Bulk 1 lb. packages. All of our ground meats are whole calf.
We -DO NOT- ship MEATS.  Our meats are avaliable from the farm, our store and our market bus

Store Location: 1923 W. Owen K. Garriott (Indian Hills Shopping Center)Enid, Ok.
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-6 / 580-370-6423

Market Bus Location: OKC every Tuesday
Prairie Gypsys - 30th & Walker 12-1
Ok. Heart Hospital North 3-7