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Certified Naturally Grown Goat Meat

While the name "Goat Meat" may instill a negative vibe, don't let that stop you. Goat meat is a great tasting red meat and is quite nutritious as well. Our Kiko goat meat is raised with the same standards and practice as our other animals, with no steroids, no growth-promoting antibiotics and no animal byproducts.

It's red meat as it should be! Goat is the rising star in the red meat department. Lower in total fat, saturated fat, calories, and cholesterol than traditional meats, it just might be the perfect red meat for you. Less saturated fat, less cholesterol means a healthier red meat. Goat meat has higher values in iron, potassium, and thiamine together with less sodium than traditional meats. 50% less fat than beef, 45% less fat than lamb,

What is there not to like in goat meat.Tender, juicy and oh so delicious.
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My goats coming up to the barn
Goat - Meat
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Goat - Meat
Certified Naturally Grown Goat Shoulder Roast
We -DO NOT- ship MEATS.  Our meats are avaliable from the farm, our store and our market bus

Store Location: 1923 W. Owen K. Garriott (Indian Hills Shopping Center)Enid, Ok.
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-6 / 580-370-6423

Market Bus Location: OKC every Tuesday
Prairie Gypsys - 30th & Walker 12-1
Ok. Heart Hospital North 3-7