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Certified Naturally Grown Lamb Meat

Rowdy Stickhorse Wild Acres is working very hard on their Southdown/Friesian herd of sheep.
Southdowns (known as Babydolls for their small stature) are the lost forgotten sheep. These small sheep are known for their flavorful, tender meat. The Friesian is a milking sheep. More Friesians are milked in the world than cows. The Friesian is a hardy parasite resistant grazing machine. The cross between the two breeds gives us a meaty milking machine. Our ewes can graze the land and produce enough milk for their young with the end result being tender, flavorful, mouth watering, healthy lambs.

Our grazing program is designed to produce high quality grass which in turn gives us high quality meat. This meat being high in conjugated lineolic acid (CLA), Vitamin E, Omega-3's, Beta-carotene, Vitamin A. CLA and Omega-3's are "Good Fats" with anti-cancer, anti-diabetic properties.

We believe this is the meat of the future.
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Lamb - Meat
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Lamb - Meat
We -DO NOT- ship MEATS.  Our meats are avaliable from the farm, our store and our market bus

Store Location: 1923 W. Owen K. Garriott (Indian Hills Shopping Center)Enid, Ok.
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-6 / 580-370-6423

Market Bus Location: OKC every Tuesday
Prairie Gypsys - 30th & Walker 12-1
Ok. Heart Hospital North 3-7