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Certified Naturally Grown Pork

We specialize in superb free range, rare breed meats, where animals welfare is put first. The result is high quality very tasty meat, which you can trust.

Our Registered Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) pigs are born and raised outside and fed only lush grass, planted grains and traditional pasture herbs. We avoid the use of routine antibiotics and do not use artificial fertilizers and sprays on our land. Make no mistake and assume that pork is pork, and that the breed it is derived from does not matter. GOS meat is moist, juicy, flavorful and remains soft and delicate when eaten. GOS meat is the most succulent and full flavored of all the pork meats.

Once you try Gloucestershire Old Spots pork, you'll turn you back on the tasteless, dried up, and intensively reared pork forever. Rowdy Stickhorse Wild Acres only wants the best for our family and yours. No use of MSG's in our processed foods.
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Gloucestershire Old Spot Heritage pigs
Pork - Meat
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Pork - Meat
The best flavor you will ever taste.
We -DO NOT- ship MEATS.  Our meats are avaliable from the farm, our store and our market bus

Store Location: 1923 W. Owen K. Garriott (Indian Hills Shopping Center)Enid, Ok.
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-6 / 580-370-6423

Market Bus Location: OKC every Tuesday
Prairie Gypsys - 30th & Walker 12-1
Ok. Heart Hospital North 3-7