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Certified Naturally Grown Chicken Meat

ating clean and healthy protein is absolutely crucial if you want to prevent disease and premature aging, increase your daily energy and live longer. But unlike the unhealthy chicken you'll find in grocery stores and restaurants, which you should restrict in your diet (as you will read below), our certified naturally grown free-range chicken is one of the cleanest and healthiest sources of protein that you will find anywhere.

As many of you know, I only recommend foods that meet the highest of requirements in terms of their health value to you. Well, it has taken my family many years of research and evaluation to find and finally offer you a chicken product that comes with my absolute highest recommendation because it meets all of these qualifications for a perfect meat:

  • Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), meaning 100% organically raised from "egg to plate."
  • No antibiotics ever used.
  • No hormones ever used.
  • No pesticides or herbicides ever used in the soil or the feed.
  • No artificial ingredients whatsoever.
  • Entirely free-ranged so these chickens are not "stressed." Meanwhile, mass-produced chickens are raised in severely cramped quarters which translate to not only reduced health value, but less taste.
  • The juiciest, most delicious tasting chicken you've ever tried.
  • An exceptional source of protein, as you can see in the chart below.
Real Chickens come from farms that promote sustainable farming and sound envionmental practices.

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Certified Naturally Grown Chicken
Chicken Meat
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Chicken Meat
Certified Naturally Grown juicy tender meat
We -DO NOT- ship MEATS.  Our meats are avaliable from the farm, our store and our market bus

Store Location: 1923 W. Owen K. Garriott (Indian Hills Shopping Center)Enid, Ok.
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-6 / 580-370-6423

Market Bus Location: OKC every Tuesday
Prairie Gypsys - 30th & Walker 12-1
Ok. Heart Hospital North 3-7