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RS / Wild Acres

Our heritage all natural free-range animals live a happy healthy life in their natural surrounding. We use a rotational grazing system. Rotational grazing our livestock helps keep the animals healthy and the soil nourished. We use our chicken manure to fertilize the pastures. Using this program we cut down on the use of fossil fuels. The use of pesticides or chemicals are not used on our land. The use of hormones is not excepted. The use of antibiotics is only used as a last resort to save an animal, the animal is then removed from the program.
Our animals are a part of the family, we would not use anything we should not give ourselves. We raise our own pigs, beef, goat, lamb and chickens from our own stock. This way we know exactly what goes into them from the beginning. On the other hand this limits the amount of product we can produce.
Bailey, Skylar & Kevin have been working on their goat program. If you have never tried goat meat, you really should. Cory and Grandpa Jack have been working hard on our pigs and beef. Gary and I have dedicated ourselves to the chicken program, 400 chickens was more than I was expecting.
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Raw Wool
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Eggs - Free Range
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Eggs - Free  Range
Free-Range eggs from free range chickens
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Gloucestershire Old Spot Heritage pigs
Pork - Meat
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Pork - Meat
The best flavor you will ever taste.