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Little Beggars Bone Bakery

 I was shocked to learn that most dogs do not live past 10 years of age, and usually die of some type cancer. It has been proven that most illness and diseases diagnosed in dogs are from the preservative found in their foods and treats. After learning more and looking for a real treat our dogs could eat without worry of poisoning my best friends, I decided to bake some natural treats for our dogs Oscar & Lucky. They liked them so much I shared some with family & friends who had dogs and the response was overwhelming. To help pay for my college, I decided to start my very own dog treat business. As a result, the Little Beggars Bone Bakery was born.

Our Herbal treats are made with premium, quality all natural ingredients including a variety of herbs, minerals and botanicals to promote good canine health with no preservatives. We currently offer three flavors, Peanut Butter Mint, Oatmeal Lavender and Barking Biscotti we may expand in the future.
Each formula offers a new way for owners to bond with their pets by enhancing their dog's life with a healthy blend of botanicals and herbs plus a great taste dogs will love. Whether owners use multiple Little Beggars formulas or just one —Little Beggars treats are safe for everyday use, we have personally taste tested each recipe to insure they are worthy of "man’s best friend". Our commitment to health and wellness is based on premium ingredients, small batch baking, and an abiding love of our pets.

Dogs are a captive audience. They have no choice but to eat what we put in front of them. The same food… Day after day. Week after week. Year after year. It’s that cumulative exposure that worries me. The additive effect of using any artificial preservative relentlessly… especially when it’s suspected of causing cancer. You read the ingredients on your food why not do the same for your pets.
My best advice…Avoid dog foods & treats made with artificial preservatives. Here’s a list of some of the more common chemical additives…

~Propylene glycol
~Propyl gallate

Who knows? Avoiding these dangerous food preservatives may just add years of good health to your pet’s life. We could tell a huge difference in our pets when we rid these preservatives from their diet. 
Bailey Rink